For Tech Ventures & Companies

  • Life Sciences
  • Gaming & E-sport
  • Blockchain
  • AI
  • AR/VR/IR

Build your tech venture: Focus on what you are best at. We do the rest: financial, legal and market advise for your tech venture.

Fund Raising: Whether if it is seed capital or A/B rounds, we help you to translate your innovation into financial and economic value. We help you to build a qualitative and financial argumentation of the value of your tech venture for a potential investor, investor profiling, feedback on your sales pitch or/and investment memo as well as exposure to our network of private and corporate investors.

Tech Ventures’ and companies’ assets valuation: Intangible assets such as, technology, contracts, customers, copyrights and trademarks, make an increasingly significant value of ventures and companies. We help you to value and manage them.

IPO – Initial Public Offering: In collaboration with partners, we help you to prepare your company and the assets supporting the innovation of your company (e.g. technology, customer contracts, market related assets, such as trademarks, etc…) for a listing process.

SmartContracts, Tokeneconomics, KYC and legal compliance, basis for UTILITY token sales: Token’s behave as intangible assets. Based on our experience in managing intangible assets, we help you to build your UTILITY token sales and structure through ICO, SAFT, DAICO, hybrids or other mechanisms beyond the hype.

Corporate Innovation Management: We help corporations to identify, value, integrate and take advantage of Open Innovation.