For Tech Investors

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  • Gaming & E-sport
  • Blockchain
  • AI
  • AR/VR/IR

Deal Flow Services: how many business plans, whitepapers or sales pitches do you need to go through in order to find 3-5 investment objects? Our Return-On-Innovation® concept includes data analytics tools that seeks companies, ventures and individuals behind innovative technologies in accordance to your investment criteria and strategy. That way we target what you are interested in.

Ventures & Companies in our Return-On-Innovation® database.

Due Diligence and valuation: How do you analyze a potential investment in a tech venture that lacks revenue, cashflow, etc. Yet its innovation is supported by a team, a technology, a user base and/or brand building on social media? staff includes over 40 PhDs in Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Mechanical engineering, and Computer Science, Masters of Laws and Masters in Business Administration. We combine TECHNOLOGY, FINANCE and LAW to identify and value the innovation and assets of Tech Ventures and companies.

Legal, financial and operational Due Diligence and valuations carried out on Tech Ventures & Companies.

Corporate Innovation – Corporate Venture Capital: CVC is the single most powerful mechanism to bring innovation into large corporations. Yet, lack of dedicated resources, business owners buy-in, arms-length integration, the balance between operational and financial returns, as well as between IRR and ROI are common obstacles to succeed. We help CVCs to identify suitable investment candidates, to deploy legal structures that not only secures the financial returns of the investment, but the possibility of the investors to have access to the assets of the venture without destroying its value.

Technology commercialization agreements executed with Swedish leading tech companies.